Audio Feedback – Voices of Innovators

The Audio Feedback Toolkit is ready! But the call for innovators remains open. Please continue to send 3 minute long recordings describing how you use audio feedback including three tips so that others can follow your lead. This has to be the best part of the toolkit – thank you to all of you who submitted a 3 minute (mostly!!!) audio file explaining how you use audio feedback. While the written guidance is as good as it gets, the audio responses demonstrate two points:

  • First, the recorded voice is so powerful and engaging when you need to convey short accounts about personal practice and I hope this site will now feature a lot more media like this.
  • Second, the descriptions prove the point that audio feedback is a highly customisable approach to giving students feedback on their work. Each mini-case study describes how the contributor adapted the essential idea of using the recorded voice to meet the needs of their specific contexts.

Note that we have produced a toolkit on the #Twalk method and I would love to receive three-minute recordings from people who have experienced learning walks incorporating the use of social media, including tips.