MELSIG’s Values

Media Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group (MELSIG) Values

Draft values statement, November 2014

MELSIG is a values-driven voluntary association of individuals working to promote innovative teaching and learning practice in UK post-compulsory education and beyond.

Our values statement allows peers working with MELSIG to develop new ways of thinking about teaching and learning with media that, while emergent and risky, are sound in purpose and intention. They do not therefore prescribe ways of being, but accommodate creative and critical thinking amongst peers leading to good practice in what we do as an association and the ideas and methods we promote.

MELSIG members are committed to,

  • Developing the understanding amongst educators and learners of how people learn with digital and social media;

  • Being scholarly, professional and ethical;

  • Supporting innovation by supporting and nurturing each other as peers;

  • Developing ourselves as a learning community;

  • Valuing diversity and promoting inclusivity in thinking and representation;

  • Valuing and developing innovative academic practice through creative and critical thinking;

  • Challenging practice that undermines good, evidence-informed innovation in the use of media-enhanced learning.