Upcoming projects

The development of toolkits gives us a good manageable and useful focus at the moment as a special interest group. We are able to offer events around the toolkits, both online and face-to-face. Looking ahead to the coming year, our direction suggests the following themes will preoccupy us as we continue to develop our toolkits and plan…


Changes to this site

Please note that the organisation of this site is being changed and you may encounter problems using it in early January 2018 as these changes are made.

MELSIG’s interest areas

It’s worth posting the scope of MELSIG’s interests from time to time. Our next event at the University of Sussex focuses on interactivity and inclusivity in teaching and learning and how social, smart and digital media can enhance this. Undoubtedly the event will refer to other MELSIG interest areas: the opportunities of digital and social…

MELSIG webinars

MELSIG are planning to run a series of webinars. We’re currently deciding on format and topics. Please leave a reply if you have any thoughts about webinar formats that work for you or topics you’d like to see or offer.


This new MELSIG site is getting better all the time. The research papers section is looking like the de facto bibliography on educational podcasting now. The publications section lists publications produced by SIG members working together.