About the Audio Feedback Toolkit

The Audio Feedback Toolkit is the result of a call issued by Andrew Middleton to academic innovators in the sector. The design and use of audio feedback has been an important part of Andrew’s work since 2004 when he bought his first MP3 recorder and realised that the ‘feedback problem’ of providing large numbers of students with high quality feedback could be addressed by making audio recordings of clear, personal, timely and meaningful feedback. Others were having similar ideas.

The toolkit is located within the MELSIG site. This is fitting as feedback has never been far from the thoughts and activities of the group. For example, there are several case studies on audio feedback in the Digital Voices book and, as an outcome of the Jisc ASSET benefits realisation project on video feedback, a booklet on Media-Enhanced Feedback was produced describing diverse methods.

Since 2004 Andrew, a National Teaching Fellow and educational developer, has worked closely with his colleague Anne Nortcliffe who has been at the leading edge of practice. Together they have taken an action research approach to investigating the potential of audio as a learning and teaching tool, generating much research in this area, produced guidance and run workshops across the sector.

The Audio Feedback Toolkit brings together this work and the work of peers for the benefit of academic practitioners in further and higher education.

This is an unfunded scholarship project. It exemplifies the voluntarist ethos that underpins MELSIG which can be summarised as ‘value is found in knowledge shared’. Contributors welcome acknowledgement and are recognised through the use and further development of their ideas.

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