Assigning roles in twalk groups


Why do we need roles in twalk groups?

There are several things happening all at once in a twalk and this highlights the need to assign roles.

Twitter Scribe

To make the Twitter dimension work, it is a good idea to have somebody in each group taking responsibility for,

  • reporting on what your own group is doing, and thinking and asking other groups questions;
  • reporting back to your own group what other groups are doing and talking about;
  • responding to the other groups using replies, retweets and likes and comparing your different contexts, perspectives and experiences;
  • capturing and relaying photos and videos relevant to the task.


  • to keep the group on task, raise the questions or set out the topics and check the group arrives at a conclusion;

Map reader and Timekeeper

  • keeping to time is very difficult on a Twalk when the 10 minute conversations have to be concluded and reported on while the twalkers are walking between landmarks. The timings will all be marked out on the plan or ‘map’, but someone needs to ensure the group gets to the respective destinations.

This is part of the Twalk toolkit