Call for Papers – Vol.1. Issue 1 (Special Issue) A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

JMEL-logoMELSIG is proud to launch it own journal complementing our scholarly approach to investigating the possibilities of digital and social media in post-compulsory education.
This inaugural edition of the Journal of Media Enhanced Learning seeks academic papers about the use of photographs, drawings and other graphical artefacts to enhance learning in post-compulsory education. Accepted papers will inspire our readers by describing examples of innovative academic practice, ideas or research in which the digital image plays a significant part.

For example,

  • The use of image in digital storytelling;
  • The use of smartphone or tablet cameras by students or staff to enrich learning or teaching;
  • Photographs to record data;
  • Image as metaphor;
  • Promoting inclusivity through the use of graphic media;
  • Drawings made by students using apps;
  • Changes to assessment practice to accommodate graphic media;
  • Evaluations of graphics media in relation to other media;
  • Photographs used in the active classroom;
  • Photo elicitation and other research methods using images;
  • Enhancing disciplinary pedagogies in the classroom or in the field.

What types of paper will be accepted?

JMEL accepts,

  • Research papers (up to 5,000 words);
  • Case studies of practice (up to 3,000 words);
  • Ideas for innovative good practice (500-1500 words); and
  • Viewpoints (500-1500 words).

All papers will be double-blind peer reviewed.

JMEL is also interested in receiving scholarly submissions in other digital media and welcomes suggestions, especially if such media exemplify good emerging practice in the use of digital media to enhance learning.

Publication schedule

Apologies – we are running behind. I have move all dates forward by 1 month due to other pressing commitments. The following dates are revised

This first issue will be published on the 30th November 2015.

  • Peer review completed by 30 September 2015
  • Revisions made by 2nd November 2015

To find out more and to submit your paper

Follow the guidelines at: