Videos, screencasts and blog posts about twalking


  • Twalking as digital placemaking – a 10 minute screencast that explains the key ideas about the Twalk concept and how these support the concept of digital placemaking

Video interviews and reflections

Video reflections on the Sheffield Hallam experience

  • Jeff Waldock reflects on the experience of the May 2017 twalk which focused on learning spaces: [duration 02:52]

Video reflections on the Regent’s experience:

  • Leslie Viney, Regent’s University London talks about learning spaces July 2017: [duration 09:22] – [07:10] lack of interactivity in the Twalk; [07:57]Twalks with students.
  • Peter Sharp, Regent’s University London talks about the various spaces they visited on the Twalk [duration 23:53], July 2017: – [17:00] How useful was the Twalk?

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