Upcoming projects

MELSIG logoThe development of toolkits gives us a good manageable and useful focus at the moment as a special interest group. We are able to offer events around the toolkits, both online and face-to-face.

Looking ahead to the coming year, our direction suggests the following themes will preoccupy us as we continue to develop our toolkits and plan events:

  • Digital Storytelling toolkit
  • Blended and Hybrid spaces for learning
  • Social media for learning in partnership with the SocMedHE community

MELSIG is a voluntary association of academics, developers and learning technologists working in UK higher education. The group explores its common interest in the innovative use of digital and social media for enhancing and transforming learning.

It does this through events, open online activities and other collaborative activities led by the community members.

See our eventsresources and publications areas for examples of what we do.