Toolkits – a place for MELSIG co-production

MELSIG is known for its events, which I hope will continue for many years to come, however the co-development of toolkits is something that the extended community do with relative ease.

The Voice of Innovators section in the Audio Feedback Toolkit features 3 minute long audio contributions submitted in response to a call issued to academic practitioners last September. These can be submitted by anyone who is using audio feedback in any of its including screencast and video feedback. These mini audio presentations have the following structure:

  • Contributor’s name and affiliation
  • Context – the circumstances that led to the innovation
  • Description of how the innovative method was/is being used
  • Observations
  • 3 tips for others who would be interested in doing something similar.

The examples submitted so far demonstrate how well this 3 minute format works. The format can be thought of as an audio pecha kucha. Incidentally, the method exemplifies audio as a learning media at its best: clear, direct, personal, engaging, accessible and easy to produce.

What do you have to offer?

Can you, or do you know anyone, who can offer a Voice of the Innovator mini-case study recording on either of the following toolkit topics?

  • Audio Feedback including audio, screencast or video models (producer or user stories welcomed)
  • Twalks – accounts from Twalk leaders or designers, or accounts of participants

Please send your audio files to:

Looking ahead

The next MELSIG toolkit will be on Digital Storytelling. If you would like to help with pulling this together please get in touch: @melsiguk or by email to or comment here or on the MELSIG site.