Flipgrid – sharing ideas about media-enhanced learning

Deb Baff (@debbaff), one of the facilitators of the Social Media for Learning strand of this week’s #MELSIG_SHU event Enhancing Practice with Digital and Social Media, has been using Flipgrid.com for collecting ideas and sharing experience around academic innovation. It’s a perfect fit for our toolkit building endeavours.

It’s a social video app – you can pose a video question and invite your community or class to respond using a short video. The MELSIG event provides us all with an opportunity to explore Flipgrid, the apps, and most importantly, how recording responses to a question can enhance learning.

You can access this via your desktop with a webcam, but we encourage you to install the app if you are coming to #MELSIG_SHU or if you want to contribute remotely. There are apps for:

We will set up Flipgrid topics for each of the three strands, but Deb has already set us a question: How do you use Social Media in Learning and Teaching at the moment?

Your consent

If you are attending the MELSIG event we will check with you there that you are happy to participate in activities that may involve you being recorded.

For remote participants in this pre-event activity, please check the following:

Flipgrid is a leading video discussion platform used in education globally at all levels in more than 150 countries. Flipgrid allows us to spark discussion by providing a platform in which we can share short video responses based on questions posed by a facilitator.  This will help create an inclusive dialogue and engage participants in a fun and meaningful way.

You can  review Flipgrid’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here: https://legal.flipgrid.com/

By taking part you indicate that you have read and consent to Flipgrid’s terms of use and policy. Should you change your mind at any point and wish to withdraw your contribution please contact a.j.middleton “@” shu.ac.uk or the owner of other boards that may be set up to support our MELSIG toolkit activities.