Media Frenzy – host a party for academic innovators

On Thursday 21st June hold a Media Frenzy celebration wherever you are. Get your inspirational innovators together for an hour to make,

  • a ‘Voice of the Innovators’ audio case study lasting less than three minutes (see method)
  • a ‘howto’ screencast
  • an infographic
  • or answer one of our toolkit FAQs using Flipgrid – we will post questions here shortly but see Deb Baff’s introduction to Flipgrid

All Media Frenzy contributors will receive a MELSIG Contributor Open Badge and will be entered into a draw to win a copy of Reimagining Spaces for Learning in Higher Education book which is being launched at the MELSIG Toolkit in a Day event on that day.

If your innovators know about and have experience to share on any of the new toolkit topics we’d like to include their accounts in the toolkits we are developing,

  • Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes
  • Flipped Active & Blended learning
  • Social Media for Learning

Here’s an example

To inspire you, here’s a Voice of the Innovators audio case study from Sheffield Hallam University’s Charmaine Myers who leads the University-wide Venture Matrix project. This is destined for the FAB Toolkit.

Note the format:

  • Contributor’s name and affiliation
  • Context – the circumstances that led to the innovation
  • Description of how the innovative method was/is being used
  • Observations
  • 3 tips for others who would be interested in doing something similar.

Contributor: Charmaine Myers, Sheffield Hallam University
Description: Recording employer video briefings for student project assignments
Media: Video (nb the audio case study is about the use of video)
Model: Video briefings

Submit your Media Frenzy artefacts

Submit anything you make to a.j.middleton ‘at’ using a file transfer service like WeTransfer Don’t forget to include written information about you or the subject and ensure everyone who needs to consent has done so. Provide contact details so we can register you for an Open Badge and the book draw.