Take part – Offer a Thunderstorm

MELSIG has run many free, open events since January 2008. Part of our open approach has been to welcome new presenters. One way we do this is to always create space in our programmes for people who attend our events – if you’re interested in attending it follows that you have something to share: emerging practice, good ideas or just questions that need to be discussed.

We will give anyone attending a MELSIG event the platform for 10 minutes. Come prepared with up to 5 slides or just come with a good idea for a discussion. Thunderstorms are usually run as parallel sessions in the afternoon. Typically we expect about 6 for each event but we will accommodate as many as we can. Let us know beforehand or at registration on the day.

We have welcomed and supported many people making their first speaking appearance in public and we have involved very experienced people too in our Thunderstorm sessions. Thunderstorm presentations have led on to invited presentations, other special focus events, and book chapters!
If you share our special interest – show it!
Contact Andrew Middleton a.j.middleton “at” shu.ac.uk or DM via Twitter @melsiguk