Welcome to MELSIG

Welcome to the Media-Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group site.

We are currently constructing the Audio Feedback Toolkit

AF-toolkit-bannerDo you use or support the use of audio feedback (including screencast and video feedback). We are asking all practitioners to create an audio file lasting less than 3 minutes that explains,

  • how you are using audio, video, screencast, or other forms of feedback that incorporate the recorded voice;
  • why and what are the benefits or limitations;
  • 3 tips you would give others interested in using a similar technique.

Please send your audio file and other guidance including references to case studies and academic literature, to: a.j.middleton ’at’ shu.ac.uk

The toolkit will appear here soon


MELSIG is a voluntary association of academics, developers and learning technologists working in UK higher education. The group explores its common interest in the innovative use of digital and social media for enhancing and transforming learning.

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