Twalk – Twitter-enhanced Learning Space Walk : SHU’s version

twalkWednesday 31st May 2017 – 1 to 2pm

The aim of the walk is to experience a different conversational space around a set of landmarks. The walk will last one hour.

Together, we will walk, talk and post thoughts and pictures to Twitter. The #Twalk will happen at Sheffield Hallam University, but it will also happen on other university campuses at the same time.

Jeff-Waldock-image-300x300Our event we will be led by Dr Jeff Waldock.

We will stroll around the Sheffield Hallam University campus as a group, strictly keeping to the schedule. Other groups located at other universities will be doing a similar walk on their own campus. Together we will engage via Twitter using #SIGCLANs to respond to each Viewpoint topic.

Viewpoints – ‘pause places’ where we can have discussions relating to our theme. Each Viewpoint creates an opportunity to discuss a new topic inspired by our current location. The walk leader will pose the new topic and in small groups we will discuss, snap, tweet and walk.

Don’t stay long at a Viewpoint – long enough to ask the question and begin your small group discussions. But move on!

People will take photographs, and discuss the topic as they walk in pairs to the next Viewpoint. Everyone – Don’t forget to Tweet!

#Twalk! : Snap! Chat! Tweet and Walk!

There are 5 places, 5 Topics, just 1 hour.

Itinerary: Places to Visit and Viewpoint Topics

Time Room# or Name TopicsDiscuss, photograph and tweet on the following topics
12:55 Meet at the Cutting Edge Are you ready? Tweet group selfies and say “Hi” #SIGCLANS
13:00 Heart Spaceheartspace T1 What is the value of informal meeting spaces like cafes for today’s learner?What other good meeting spaces do we build into our campuses? What are their qualities? Where do students do group work?
For Topic 1 (T1), answer A1 #SIGCLANS [your answer…]
13:10 PC Lab (5222)5222b T2 How fit for purpose is the traditional PC Lab? How are they used, who by, and when?
For Topic 2 (T1), answer A2 #SIGCLANS [your answer…]
13:20 Norfolk Level 6 – social spaceNorfolk L6 social T3 Where do our students ‘feel at home’ on campus and amongst friends? What do they do on campus? How does it promote their sense of belonging?For Topic 3 (T1), answer A3 #SIGCLANS [your answer…]
13:40 Refurbished classroom (Norfolk L6 – 609)Norfolk 609 T4 What do today’s classrooms look like? What does flexible mean and is flexible desirable?
For Topic 4 (T1), answer A4 #SIGCLANS [your answer…]
13:50 Owen 223223 T5 Is it time to rethink the need for ‘teaching walls?’ and lecterns? How do you define an Active Learning Classroom? we support staff to move from the teaching wall to the middle of the room? What is the role of technology in the room?
For Topic 5 (T1), answer A5 #SIGCLANS [your answer…]
14:00 End Wave Goodbye! Final thoughts to #SIGCLANS