Hosting a MELSIG event

MELSIG logoAre you interested in hosting a MELSIG event?

With the next event happening in the next couple of weeks it is a good time to think about what happens next, especially as this event, just like the previous 29 MELSIG events ran out of tickets within days. People clearly value MELSIG events. It is a principle that we get a balance of internal and external participants too, and this means MELSIG events make a lasting impact at the host institution.

The events become memorable landmark moments for an institution because they are unlike any event most academics will have ever attended before. By using a group external expert facilitators academics and developers participate side-by-side with sessions often having a productive focus – they are not simply conference presentations – most MELSIG sessions challenge participants to explore related opportunities in their own practice.

So, if you are interested in MELSIG coming to your university, wherever you are in the UK, take a look at this page which sets out the benefits to help you make your case along with useful information about what will be involved.