Telling Different Stories – experiment at #melsigntu

Rebecca Sellers (Leeds Beckett University) and Neil Withnell (University of Salford) have volunteered to lead an experiment at our next MELSIG event at Nottingham Trent University on 8 January 2016.

Their challenge will be to push the boundaries of Storify to construct personal learning narratives from the day. Rebecca will be with us in Nottingham – Neil won’t. Neil will be making requests on participants for comments and media to construct his account – so please look out for those. He may also feed the event with related information he finds from ¬†the virtual¬†beyond!

It will be interesting to review the different personal strategies they take and to reflect on how we might apply lessons from this activity towards developing learner-generated Storify narratives as a digital pedagogy.

It is good to have two people in this experiment. If you would like to join them, please do. We will receive a report back (in person and via Google Hangouts) and two Storifies for comparison, towards the end of the day.