Next event: Digital Media Interaction and Inclusivity

Here are details about the next MELSIG event.

Host: University of Sussex

Focus: The use of digital and social media promoting inclusivity and interaction to enhance and transform learning

Date: 9th September 2014
Location: Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) Teaching Building, University of Sussex (46 on campus map

Hashtag: #melsigus

As usual, the programme will develop over the coming few weeks and we will develop the details on the event page.

Free University of Manchester webinar: Creating interactive online teaching packages using iSpring – 1st July

This may be of interest to colleagues:
The Manchester Distance Learning Network is pleased to present this online webinar: Creating interactive online teaching packages using iSpring.

Date: July 1st 2014
Time: 1pm

It will be presented by Ian Miller, eLearning Manager for the Faculty of Life Sciences, and an iSpring expert from the US.

iSpring is an intuitive software that enables you to author online learning packages. It allows you to use PowerPoint to create e-learning courses that include:

  • audio files
  • video files
  • interactive ways to present learning (e.g. flip books, hot spot images) interactive methods to assess learning formatively (e.g. crosswords, quizzes, polls).

This technology has application for flipped teaching and revision resources, as well as distance learning.

To register for this webinar, go to:

If you register for this event, you will be sent login instructions for the event approximately 48 hours beforehand.

We hope you will join us!

BYOD4L rides again!

MELSIG is again involved in Bring Your Own Devices for Learning (#BYOD4L). We are running it again from 14th to 18th July. This time we are taking a slightly different approach – we will continue to take a global open engagement approach, but this time we are trying to work with specific institutions, who would like the credibility of the externally validating community, but who want to work with their own staff and students with the BYOD4L and Social Media for Learning focus.

The first iteration in January 2014 was a major success. The five day intensive Open Online event was structured around the daily themes (the 5Cs) of,

  • connecting
  • communicating
  • curating
  • collaborating
  • creating

The distributed facilitation and engagement model saw BYOD4L activity happening in most parts of the world. The #BYOD4L tag was frequently trending in the week, especially around the one hour intensive TweetChats that took place 8 – 9pm GMT.

Get involved now!

If you do nothing else, make sure you’re following #BYOD4L in July. But please do consider engaging staff at your University during July along with Manchester Metropolitan University, Sheffield Hallam University, University of Ulster and QUB, and others. Make contact via twitter using @melsiguk to find out more.